Monthly LIVE Social Media Interviews

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Monthly LIVE Social Media Interviews:$1,500 for a minimum of 6 months*

Includes the following:

  • One (1) Monthly LIVE Video Stream simultaneously through various media outlets (FB, LinkedIn, YouTube..).
  • Company Branding on LIVE feed and other social media postings.
  • Logo added to all posts regarding your interviews with subject matter experts.
  • Company name, website, and short description added to every show where your organization is a guest.
  • Tags on social media to every podcast post on our social media that involves your organization.
  • Six (6) interviews with guests of your choosing (Beyond The Bars Radio reserves the right to request a different guest if the one chosen is not suitable for radio broadcasts).
  • Interview transcriptions provided and posted on Beyond The Bars Radio page on Lifted From The Rut.
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