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In Search of Shalom – The Success Every Man Desires : Roy Hanschke

More about Roy Hanschke

Roy has 30-plus years experience in Denver Christian radio, now on the KPOF Denver morning show where he shares a daily devotional and prayer time and conducts a variety of interviews along with a team.

Roy has pastoral experience, conducts speaker’s clinics at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference and speaks often to men’s groups. Roy holds earned degrees in Biblical studies and Christian Education. He’s a husband, father and grandfather of a whole bunch of kids.

About Roy’s BOOK “In Search of Shalom – The Success Every Man Desires”

This is an empowering journey for men who desire to experience the life God designed for them – life to the full. The fifteen chapter journey is based on Psalms 120-134, the Pilgrim Psalms. It’s brief and to the point, just what most men want! It’s a great book for one man, a dad and a son, two friends or a group.

When a man experiences Shalom and brings it home his whole world begins to change for the glory of God, and his family notices!

To learn more about Roy, visit https://howdidimissthatmm.com/

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