Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast Interview Details

Read the recent article written about Rob Lohman and Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast (Rob’s other podcast) in the HUGE Podcast Magazine! From Lost to Faithful : PRISON TO BEYOND THE BARS ……  Rob Lohman’s Journey To Freedom.

Interviews are not scripted but led by the Spirit which helps to make this a more natural feel and the conversation God wished us to have….like a conversation between two people passionate about the healing power of Jesus Christ. Interviews will be about 45 minutes. We will make sure in the first few minutes that all equipment is working well on both ends. We are excited to have you on Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast.

** Did you know that interviewing, editing and promotional posting of each podcast episodes is about a 4 hour process? With that said and due to the popularity of Guest Requests to be interviewed on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast, we would love your help spreading the word and hopefully support the podcast by making a tax-deductible donation. This also encourages Guests and Listeners to be equally invested in Promoting the final episode to increase the listenership and spread the encouraging messages of your interview. This is NOT required, but highly encouraged. If you wish to, then you can do this through the Lifted From The Rut 501 c3 by clicking here .


Let’s get started gathering some details for the interview. ALSO, make sure to schedule your interview on the calendar provided below this form.


** Sound quality is essential for a successful podcast as research shows that listeners will tune out quickly unless we both sound professional, clear, and crisp. Built-in computer microphones do not produce high quality recordings. Please have a professional microphone and headphones, no exceptions. Blue Yeti mics are great, but check out Amazon for other great podcast mics. Absolutely no cell phone interviews.