The Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast

Beyond The Bars Radio, hosted by Rob Lohman, is part of the global Mental Health News Radio. I pray you find hope and encouragement in the interviews. Beyond the Bars Radio is a podcast where we want to bring professionals and the community together to talk about real issues and solutions regarding addiction, recovery, incarceration and transformation! You will hear from experts in the field, legislators, individuals and families struggling with addiction on the journey to recovery, personal testimonies from people around the world who have been lifted from their ruts of addiction and now live a life of well-balanced recovery.

Rob Lohman is an Interventionist, Recovery Coach, Executive Coach, Published Author, Documentarian, Recovery Advocate, Family Man, and outdoor enthusiast.

Enjoy the below shows and please share them on your social media because there are people you know who need to hear the content. Also, make sure to check out the other amazing podcasters on the Mental Health News Radio by visiting the Beyond The Bars Radio page and then click on Our Shows page.

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