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Some of the toughest moments in the life of a family is watching a loved one and the family system being destroyed by addiction.  Addiction from alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling….the list is long, yet the impact is the similar with lies, deception, mistrust, overdose and plenty more…..

If your family is being negatively impacted by the actions of a loved one suffering from substance abuse, Lifted From the Rut is here to help.

Contact me for an initial free consultation to take the steps necessary to help restore your broken relationships.

Your loved one does not need to “hit bottom” before they get help because they can get “off the elevator” at any floor…..they just might need a loved one to push the button for them, then give them a little shove out the door to stop their downward spiral in life.  The immediate objective is for the person to listen, acknowledge the pain and accept help.

Whether dealing with a High-Powered CEO, a parent or a struggling teenager, interventions are not a last minute, spur of the moment event.  There are many factors in the planning of an intervention to understand the whole picture leading up to the actual intervention with the loved one suffering from substance abuse.

  • ☑️ Pre-intervention planning which can involve family, friends and sometimes an employer
  • ☑️ Final stage planning with the family the evening before the intervention
  • ☑️ Strategic treatment plan options for the family and loved one
  • ☑️ Transport of the client to a detox or rehab facility
  • ☑️ Close contact with the client while in rehab
  • ☑️ Recovery Coaching aftercare plan for the family and loved one

One of the Specialties of Lifted From The Rut is approaching interventions from a Christian perspective where we bring in elements of prayer and worship music to facilitate a deeper level of connection and healing. If this is of interest, please let Rob and the Lifted From The Rut team know.

👇👇 Call or schedule a 30 minute initial free consultation to take the steps necessary to help restore your broken relationships. 👇👇

Rob Lohman


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