In an effort to help break the stigma of addiction and substance abuse, I use the medium of Podcasts and Social Media to create awareness. Below are links to podcasts and radio shows I was guest on, along with presentations and other media outlets.

Speaking Conferences and Summits Recently an Expert On…..

Check out the below interviews where Rob shares his Professional experience as an Interventionist, Recovery Coach and Advocate. Rob also shares his life experiences on how he overcame addiction, suicide ideation and many struggles throughout his life.

October 22, 2022: Rob Lohman Went to Prison, Went Bankrupt, Was an Addict, and Tried to Kill Himself

October 12, 2022: 48. Rob’s Story: Burn on THE ROBERTSON AND EASTERLING PODCAST

October 7, 2022: Lifted From The Rut with Rob Lohman | Living Undeterred Podcast

September 25, 2022: How To Have An Intervention With Rob Lohman Untapped Keg Ep 126

September 23, 2022: The Slow Down to Go Fast Podcast – Conversations with Ordinary to Extraordinary People 22 Years Clean and Interventions with Rob Lohman

September 2, 2022: Compassionate Intervention: Helping Addicts At Their Lowest on the Recovered on Purpose show

August 22, 2022: Episode 32: Man Up Monday Podcast Episode #32 Rob Lohman

August 9, 2022: Behavior Modification Isn’t True Transformation with Rob Lohman – Episode 274

July 23, 2022: Rob Lohman is The Addiction Interventionist on Purifying Truths Podcast

July 12, 2022: Shoutout Colorado : Meet Rob Lohman | Interventionist, Speaker and Global Podcaster

July 11, 2022: Guest on The Fallible Man with Brent Dowlen

June 8, 2022: Rob Lohman on the Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast with Tracy Cherpeski

April 25, 2022: Interviewed on Roaring Like Lions FB LIVE with LS Kirkpatrick

April 18, 2022: Lifted from the Rut with Rob Lohman | The Way Out Podcast Episode 289

April 13, 2022: Meet Rob Lohman on the most recent CanvasRebel Interview

March 25, 2022: Rob Lohman as Expert Addiction Speaker on the Ribbons of Courage Summit

March 12, 2022: Rob Lohman on The Date Forever Podcast : Navigating addictions within a relationship with Rob Lohman

March 3, 2022: Rob Lohman on The Glenn Ralph Show

January 18, 2022: Rob Lohman on Courageous Recovery Podcast with Randy Martenson Episode 94 – Interview with Rob Lohman, On a mission “To Help Restore Hope

December 21, 2021: Rob Lohman speaking on The 7 Day Sobriety Challenge hosted by Linda Schlitz

December 8, 2021: Rob Lohman on the Recovery Survey Podcast

September 11, 2021: Rob Lohman on the Purifying Truths Podcast with Amelia Starr

August 16, 2021: Rob Lohman – Lifted From The Rut: Life After Addiction And Prison on the Oh My God Pod with Hollis Moore and Lori Spiker

June 22, 2021: The SuccessPaTh Show hosted by Violet Detre | Rob Lohman Addictions Interventions And Recovery

June 1, 2021: Rob Lohman on the Hope Radio Podcast with Shawn and Jen Davis

March 15: 2021: Rob Lohman on the Halfway There Podcast with Eric Nevins

March 9, 2021: Freedom From Addiction – A Story Of Hope with Rob Lohman on the Well Being in the Kingdom Podcast hosted by Najma Zaman

February 19, 2021: Lifted from the Rut Founder, Rob Lohman shares on Voices of Recovery with host, Michele Eich

February 9, 2021: Article in Shoutout Colorado: Meet Rob Lohman: Christian Interventionist and Coach

January 18, 2021: Joe On The MIC | Rob Lohman Moving Forward In Recovery Road to Victory Episode 28 | Leader Talk

January 5, 2021: Guest Speaker Rob Lohman at The Awaken Hope Virtual Summit

November 18, 2020: Authenticity & Identity with Rob Lohman on the Choose2Think Podcast with Victoria D. Walker

November 1, 2020: HUGE Article in Podcast Magazine: From Lost to Faithful : PRISON TO BEYOND THE BARS ……  Rob Lohman’s Journey To Freedom

October 7, 2020: Rob Lohman interview on Authority Magazine called The Podcast-Listener Attraction Power of Talking Miracles & Redemption : Podcast binge-ability advice from Rob Lohman, Host of the Beyond The Bars Radio and Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcasts

September 18, 2020: Interview on The GeneFood Podcast : Yes, We’re Drinking Too Much During COVID-19 with Rob Lohman

September 12, 2020: Rob Lohman on Breaking Through Addiction Podcast with Dr. Robb Kelley

September 4, 2020: The Trudging the Road Together Podcast : RAW Recovery W/ Dion Miller Special Guest Rob Lohman

July 2020: Rob Lohman – Alcohol and Drugs Became My Master interview on The Addiction Podcast – Point of No Return

April 25, 2020: Rob Lohman interviewed by Dr. Louise Swartswalter : From Addiction and Incarceration to FREEDOM (click to go to interview or watch below)

March 23, 2020: Rob Lohman interviewed by the Addiction Recovery eBulletin with Leonard Buschel

March 9, 2020: Rob Lohman interviewed on The Johnny King Show : Overcoming Addiction with Rob Lohman

January 17, 2020: Rob Lohman interviewed on IGNTD Podcast with Dr. Adi Jaffe: All Roads Lead to Rome with Rob Lohman

January 6, 2020: VoyageDenver Article : Meet Rob Lohman of Lifted From The Rut

December 20, 2019: Interview on the National Coach Academy website by Brandon Baker of Life Coach Path

May 25th, 2019: FREE Community Church : Sharing my story of Faith and Courage:

February 2019: Humans in Recovery at Recovery Unplugged.

January 15, 2019: KLTT AM670: The Good News with Angie Austin. Rob Lohman shares his journey and struggles with addiction. Part 1. Part 2 coming in February

January 11, 2019: KPOF AM910 :  Rob Lohman interviewed on how to help the family and the individual break free from addiction.

October 31, 2018: Enterprise Co-Working Member Spotlight: Rob Lohman of Recovery Unplugged

June 22, 2018: Rob Lohman on This Naked Mind Podcast with Annie Grace

January 23, 2018Mental Health News Radio Network Announces New Behavioral Health Podcast ‘Beyond the Bars Radio’ Hosted by Rob Lohman

January 6, 2018: Rob Lohman on 365 Christian Men Podcast

May 4, 2017Article in the Columbine Courier

April 26, 2017:  Vance Johnson and Rob Lohman sharing our testimonies at Front Range Christian School. Rob’s starts at 32:02 in Part 1

Rob Lohman sharing his testimony at FRCS High School

April 25, 2017Rob Lohman and Vance Johnson speaking in Lamar, CO

April 9, 2017Denver Post article : Second Chances 5k aims to bring Awareness to felons’ “second prison”

March 27, 2017Mental Health News Radio Interview

March 22, 2017Prison Fellowship: How I stayed in touch with my children while in prison…..

March 12, 2017Lifted From The Rut interview on the Addiction Recovery Revolution online seminar

December 14, 2016Columbine Courier: South Jeffco Resident Helping Addicts

November 14, 2016PR Log : FREE Addiction Training

November 12, 2016PR Log : Navigating the World of Addiction Event

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Lohman in the Vail Daily

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