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LIFTED Private One-On-One Coaching

LIFTED Group Coaching will resume in May 2023. Applications open April 1, 2023.

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James Malinchak is my Business Coach and is the Founder of and was featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire

Rob Lohman’s Platinum VIP Coaching & Mastermind

The Benefits & Bonuses You Will Receive:

1. One (1) Personal, One-On-One, 5-Hour Coaching Session with Rob (In-Person, Zoom, or Phone) ($15,000 Value)    

You get access to Rob in an incredible one-on-one coaching session. You get Rob’s Out-of-the-Box, Marketing Mind Thinking, Creating, and Working for YOU! You will have Rob’s full attention to focus on your biggest money-making opportunities and to solve the biggest obstacles holding you back so YOU CAN GROW & GO! Get Ready to SUCCEED FASTER with LESS EFFORT! (Members are welcome to have a partner / spouse / assistant / key employee)

2. June:                Private, Virtual, or Live Mastermind with Rob & Fellow Coaching Members ($15,000 Value)

3. October:          Private, Virtual, or Live Mastermind with Rob & Fellow Coaching Members ($15,000 Value)

You will Mastermind with Rob and other Top-Achievers & Thought Leaders! This interactive teaching format allows you to interact, gather ideas, learn from, network, and build business relationships with fellow Coaching Members in the “Lohman Family” while receiving valuable feedback and ideas from Rob and the entire Coaching Group.  (Members are welcome to have a partner / spouse / assistant / key employee)

4. Eight (8) Personal, One-On-One, 30-minute Pre-Scheduled Calls ($4,500 Value)

    Calls are pre-scheduled to keep you on track and hold you accountable. You can ask Rob any questions on any business or personal goals and challenges to have Rob think through and give breakthrough advice.

5. Eight (8) 15 minute Emergency Calls with Rob ($1,500 Value)

    You can call Rob on his private cell number with questions so Rob can instantly answer your questions, coach you, and give you advice on any business or personal situation or challenge so you can achieve instant results.

6. Extra Bonus: One (1) 60 minute Coaching Session with You + Spouse (Zoom, or Phone) ($1,500 Value)

    You and your spouse may schedule this session to discuss any challenges and cast vision for your business and lifestyle goals.

7. SUPER BONUS:  Strategies to Launch Your Virtual Summit / Podcast / Book / Business ($10,000 Value)

Total Coaching Value: $62,500

You will also receive the following Bonuses & Online Trainings – 6 BONUSES FREE:

Bonus #1:  Private FB Group Community with Special Guest Interviews  ($797 Value)

Bonus #2:  Trifecta of Recovery Training (5 Modules)  ($997 Value)

Bonus #3:  Identity in Jesus Christ Online Summit (14 Interviews) ($1,997 Value)

Bonus #4:  A.R.T. of Intervention Project Summit (44 Interviews) ($2,997 Value)

Bonus #5:  Kickstart Your Success Business Bundle Box ($3,997 Value)

Bonus #6:  VIP Video Access to Over 100 Business & Inspirational Interviews ($10,000 Value)

Total Bonuses Value: $20,785

**Total Value of All Benefits & Bonuses: $83,285

“Rob, we cannot thank you enough for not only saving our daughter, but saving our family. We just had our first Christmas together without drama, drunkenness, and the chaos of addiction. It was pleasant! We are hopeful for our future as a family. Thank you.”  – Mike

“In one of the darkest times in my life, when I was completely resistant to any type of help, Rob was able to show me how things could be better for me. Rob was able to understand where I was and what I needed to hear and know at that time. That was in October of 2017. I am still sober today and would not be where I am without the help that Rob provided. One last thing… I am engaged to be married!”  -Robert McCaslin

 “Without your help and your intervention skills, my nephew would probably be dead. He is now thriving in his career as a high school basketball coach.  His 3 sons now live with him.  He is a different man…in a good way.  I am so thankful how you helped him with his journey.  Thank you Rob for all you do.”  -Kelly

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