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Some additional unique features of The Addiction Intervention book are:

  • The first book about interventions where multiple perspectives are shared by 11 Professional Interventionists discussing their personal story, their models and techniques.
  • Each Interventionists’ Chapter will have a corresponding QR code linking to the video interview Rob Lohman conducted with each. (Keith Bradley, Scott Graham, Dr. Judith Landau, David Marion, Bobby Newman, Patti Pike, Karen Reass, Bob Reid, Tim Ryan, Dr. Louise Stanger)
  • Reflections page at the end of each Chapter for readers to take a pause, contemplate their own journey in life, and write down any questions or strategies that resonated with them.
  • A unique Give Back model: 25% of the net profits from book sales will go towards helping people with sober living scholarships or counseling needs.
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