** New Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast Alert** Prison Sentence to Purpose Driven : Tony Jackson

Mr. Jackson shares about living the street life his journey in and out of prison and the battle with drug addiction. As a high school drop out in the 11th grade he was headed down a horrible path. It took Tony experiencing a life – Changing event to humble himself and realize that there was more to his life than drugs. The road to redemption was not easy but every step has been worth it as he has allowed the lord to work in and through him on a path of freedom spiritually mentally and physically

Growing up in the suburbs of Longview Tx, Tony Jackson grew up with both of his parents and life was great as only child. He was raised in a home where values to make good decision were instilled early in his childhood, however he began making poor choices at a young age which eventually led to using drugs. Having a history as convicted felon proved to be an obstacle which was not easy to overcome but Mr. Jackson eventually received the break he was looking for and was accepted into a driving school and was able to get his CDL license. As a truck driver he has been able to obtain a career despite his past mistakes. Today, is a man of integrity and spends much of his time driving sharing with juveniles and making an impact in the lives of others Tony Jackson is a husband father of three grown children and four grandchildren.

Social media: www.tonyrestored.com

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