** New Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast Alert : Episode 35** From Zero to Hero : The Life of Nate Wilson

Nate Wilson is a personal trainer and author in recovery from meth and heroin addiction. He recently released his first book “Zero To Hero: The tale of my recovery from addiction and psychosis”

He runs a mentorship program with youth from his hometown Woodland Park, CO. Nate is also in the foundation of developing new programs and new curriculum to help addicts get into a new and prosperous lifestyle.

Zero To Hero is the story of Nate Wilson’s recovery from drug addictions and vicious, drug-induced psychosis, starting in the small town of Woodland Park, Colorado. This book will take you through the beginnings of an average church-going, sport-loving kid who turns into a hardcore drug addict. Nate tells of a life started from what most would consider functional and healthy from his perspective and looks into some of the risk factors overlooked by a “normal” family that could cause a young teenager to dive headfirst into the pool of meth use. Tragedy after tragedy, trips to jail, snorting coke before church, and in the end, leaving all of the pain of the past behind to be a successful personal trainer and entrepreneur.


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