*** New Beyond the Bars Radio Podcast Alert: The “Other Shoe Did Drop” : Addiction, Police, a 23-Month Martial Separation: Tanya and Jerry Gioia ***

Tanya and Jerry Gioia:

After years of struggling in our marriage with addiction, co-dependency, anger and despair the “other shoe did drop”. Police, courts, and a 23-month martial separation brought our marriage to a halt in front of the only one who could fix it, Jesus.

Let’s just say we were a total mess! If we can move from a dying stuck marriage you can too.

We did not do it alone. So many loving couples and friends walked beside us as we learned how to be married and sober. That is the mission of the Sober on Purpose Podcast standing with you as you move forward from addiction to sobriety to thriving in your marriage and family life.

One of the main things we learned during this process was to laugh. Remember the laughter and love you once had in your marriage and family life? Let us help you get that back.

We want to provide you with resources, recovery stories, and action steps to bring you into the whole life that God planned just for you.

Tanya Gioia
Recovery Coach, The Joyous Family

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