What is a Sober Open Mic? Can I Really Have Fun at a Music Event…Sober??

Ever felt like having fun in sobriety and recovery is a huge stretch of the imagination?!? Many people feel this way….but let me tell you that fun is what recovery is all about.

Sober Open Mic is about creating safe places for performers to show their talents to their peers, the recovery community and for people that just plain love music. Safe environments that are booze free, drug free and especially judgement free.

After the June Sober Open Mic night one of the performers came up to me and said “Thank you for creating a safe place for me to perform. That was the first time I have performed in recovery..and I have been sober for 3 1/2 years.” That brought joy to me heart knowing that the attnedees that evening were blessed by her amazing talent.

Other performers tell me that they felt amazing that they overcame their fears and anxiety about performing in recovery AND they came back to do it again. Talents from poets, singers, rappers, guitarists and featured Guest artists bless those in attendance. Maybe you could be the next performer?

All of this to say that YES, you can and will have FUN in recovery, but it is up to you to seek it out and engage. And did I mention the events are FREE!

Please join us for the next Recovery Unplugged presents Sober Sessions Sober Open Mic nights in the greater Denver area. See flyer below and click here to reserve your tickets. Email me to get on the list at rlohman@recoveryuplugged.com. Check out the images below for past, present and future events. Would love to see you there.


Rob Lohman


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