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Adam Gunton
Expert Motivational Strategist

Adam Vibe Gunton is a #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach. Adam has helped 100’s of men and women around the world get connected with their purpose in life and add meaning to everything they are up to. After overcoming his own battle with homelessness and drug addiction to become who he is today, Adam has set out on a mission to help other recovered addicts get their stories out while living on mission to end addiction at the source; the school system.
Adam’s passion for service, his contagious energy, and his drive to see the end of chronic addiction, have caused breakthrough in everyone who has heard his message. This is all surpassed by the clients who have worked his programs and found their own callings and pursued them in a way they never believed possible… until now.
Although much of Adam’s success has been in the industry of training sales forces to overcome fear and to find passion and self-esteem, his personal calling and passion is to help young men to develop themselves into passionate and successful contributions to the world. His new program “Your Son’s Passion” was written directly for men between the ages of 16-24 who may be on a path leading to dangerous circumstances.
Being a former two sport All-State athlete at Columbine High School turned homeless drug addict, Adam has a specific expertise in recognizing toxic behavioral patterns and a unique and effective method for inspiring these young men to take a turn for the best outcomes in life. He knows where the bad decisions in life truly lead and knows what it takes to not only overcome, but to live a life full of love passion and contribution. With personally tailored coaching programs, Adam can help develop systems of living for any young man to follow his dreams without all of the dangerous habitual ways of being that cause so many young men in this generation to fall into the same path he did.
Adam’s promise to every one of his clients is to give 100% of his energy, knowledge, passion and zeal for life to every interaction causing enormous breakthrough in anyone that puts effort into the programs he has developed for them. Upon completion of Your Son’s Passion, the young men in the program will have found a new path in life, will have a simple step-by-step guide to accomplishing anything they set out to do from then on, and will have a new-found way of communicating with family, friends and anyone they meet to best serve the world.

To learn more about Adam, visit https://www.recoveredonpurpose.com/about

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