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Nick Elvery Bio

Nick battled with hard drug and alcohol addiction for over a decade. Coming out the other side of his personal transformation (8 years clean) he still battled with the emotional rollercoaster of depression, suicidal thoughts and food addictions. Fearing he may have damaged his mind beyond repair, he wondered if he had more mental health problems than he realised and sought medical guidance. Were these highs and lows a normal part of life or was they more going on here? It was only after studying Cognitive Hypnotherapy that his eyes were opened to a whole new understanding of the mind and everything finally clicked into place. His mind wasn’t broken! He didn’t need medical intervention. He needed a complete mindset and subconscious overhaul. This newfound knowledge combined with his years of research and experience spawned a new era for Nick. He created the Rapid Mindset Transformation (RMT™) system to help fellow entrepreneurs build unstoppable minds and become relentless in the pursuit of their business goals. To deliver the RMT™ system Nick founded the Optimised™ brand and through the Optimised Mind program he helps other entrepreneurs become unstoppable too.


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