Rob Lohman Offering FREE Recovery Coaching Sessions For Those Who Lost Their Jobs

Sober since 2001, I understand what good quality and poor quality recovery looks like. Having endured my own challenges in recovery, people have helped me along the way here and there, which I am eternally grateful for those angels in my life.

With that said, I have been praying about how can I help others while still running a very active Lifted From The Rut Intervention, Recovery Coaching and Podcasting business.

This post is two fold:

Due to the many challenges people are going through as a result of COVID-19, I wanted to provide some relief for those needing it and offer an chance for those to help me hep others.

Here is what was laid upon my heart earlier today:

1) If you have lost your job, through my Lifted From The Rut company, I would like to offer you two complimentary Virtual Recovery Coaching (

2) If you have not lost your job and want to help me help others, I invite you to support this effort by donating to the Lifted From The Rut tax-deductible donation fund by clicking the Donate button below (Make sure to put Recovery Coaching in the comment/request box):


Rob Lohman

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