Conscious Parenting Revolution with Katherine Winter-Sellery on Beyond The Bars Radio with Rob Lohman

Katherine Winter-Sellery
‘A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind’
Growing up in a blended family has given me a unique insight into the challenges children face. I grew up with a sister Melanie and brother Chris from my mom’s previous marriage and a sister, Nancy, on my father’s side. As well as my sister Heidi from their marriage.

Spending my early years growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, in America’s Deep South, I saw first hand the racism and division that was polluting that part of the US. My father, an entrepreneur, decided to move us to Colorado. We moved several times so he could work on his businesses. Meanwhile, my mother was very independent. My lively upbringing and family dynamic enabled me to see as a child. You need to be seen and heard.

It was when I was 16, I lost my brother Chris to suicide. This devastating event impacted all of our family. And looking back, it also sewed the seeds for my drive to look at how children and parents can learn to communicate in a different dynamic. I could see the relationship my mother had with my brother, and his struggles were connected. His relationship with my dad, his step-father, was not healthy. And it set me on the…………

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