Rob Lohman Interviewed on Resilience Unravelled – Addiction. Moving Forward with Recovery.

Dr. Russell Thackeray, from the U.K., interviewed me on his podcast show called Resilience Unraveled. Listen above. Also, check out other episodes at

Show Notes are below:

Rob Lohman is a former addict who now helps people suffering from substance abuse to find freedom from addiction. Rob’s own journey has included alcohol, drug and gambling addictions, divorce, suicide intent and prison.

Rob started drinking when he was 14 years old and became sober when he was twenty-nine following a suicide attempt. Rob had been having suicidal thoughts that had been growing in intensity for a while. These came to a head on 7 June 2001 when his dog Jake intervened in his suicide attempt. Eleven years later, Rob had an emotional nervous breakdown that led to a thirteen-year prison sentence for arson. He was released after ten and a half months and then started to rebuild his life, with his wife and two children who decided to stay with him.

The breakdown helped him figure out what was important and what he needed to have in place in his life. Then, through a series of events in the recovery world he eventually found himself working in the addiction field. Now based in Denver, Colorado, he now invests in the lives of those wanting to see positive change, whether it’s coming out of addiction or prison or simply wanting more for their lives through his testimony, recovery coaching, advocacy and his podcast, Beyond The Bars.

You can get in touch with Rob by calling 001 9703 314469 or at his websites Lifted from the Rut or Beyond the Bars Radio

To hear the interview I did with Dr. Thackeray on Beyond The Bars Radio, click here

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