Overcoming the Adversity of Prison, Drugs, and Pride with Gabe Cohen on the Beyond The Bars Radio podcast with Rob Lohman

Gabe Cohen has a passion for helping people move ahead in their life while overcoming adversity!

Arrested in NY for a shooting at 15 addicted to cocaine at the same age, came to Denver at 19, broke, homeless and addicted to crack. Prison 7 times, released the last time in 2011, broke and homeless age 41, started taking Krav Maga to fulfill boyhood dream of getting a Martial Arts black belt. Struggling with his relationship with God, I became a Christian in jail and began attending church, therapy, support groups for the first time off parole because I wanted change. Started American Krav Maga in 2015, Argentina Martial Arts Hall of Fame that year from seminar I did in Buenos Aires, black belt 2016, United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2019, started Kings and Priests Ministry volunteering in two county jails conducting weekly Bible studies with inmates. Recently became Peer Specialist ,Recovery Coach, and Approved Treatment Provider for Colorado Department of Corrections.

Learn more about Gabe and his advocacy to help others at ToughAndCareRecovery.com and GabeCohenDefense.com

Do you have something you can offer my audience, for free, that I’d list on a resource page?: If they send me an email to Gabe@GabeCohenDefense.com requesting my ebook “Battle Tested, Gabe Cohens Fitness Program

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