Win at Home and Work with Cory Carlson on Beyond The Bars Radio with Rob Lohman

** Win at Home and Work with Cory Carlson on Beyond The Bars Radio with Rob Lohman **

As an entrepreneur, former executive, husband, and father of
three, Cory Carlson understands the pressures working
parents face. He is passionate about helping business leaders
win both at work and home.

Twenty years in corporate America gave Cory amazing
opportunities as he worked his way up to the executive level.
But he also saw brokenness: work without purpose, strained
marriages, and absentee parents. Business leaders especially
were often not living life to the fullest. When Cory discovered
coaching, it helped him become a better leader, husband, and
father. So he left his corporate career to help other leaders
achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Currently, Cory lives in Cincinnati with his awesome wife and three amazing children. Cory has a Civil Engineer degree from University of Missouri and a MBA from Rockhurst University.

Cory is the author of Win at Home First, an inspirational guide
to work-life balance. His book was Amazon #1 New Release
in 3 Categories and listed in FORBES as ‘7 Books Everyone On
Your Team Should Read’.

Cory is also host of the Win at Home First podcast.
Follow Cory on social media (@carlsoncory) and

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