The Power of Connection in Recovery with Tom Karl on Beyond The Bars Radio podcast with Rob Lohman

The Power of Connection in Recovery with Tom Karl on Beyond The Bars Radio podcast with Rob Lohman

Welcome to R1 Learning

Hello, my name is Tom Karl and I founded R1 as a result of my professional experience and my own recovery journey. I am grateful to have survived the struggles and consequences from my addiction with the help and support from so many others along my path. A positive outcome following my last relapse was the inspiration to create the R1 Learning System and the Discovery Cards. I am now committed to three tenets:

Keep “Recovery First” – This is true for me and those we touch through R1. Without it, nothing else is possible. And with it – anything and everything is. We can reach our dreams and aspirations if we keep recovery #1. This has certainly been true for me.

Serve others – Helping others who also struggle with mental health, substance use disorder, other addictions, or life challenges, and their loved ones, supports our own recovery and personal growth.

Choose to live a healthy and purposeful life – Life is precious… and our time here is short. Happiness comes from serving others, doing good, and being grateful. I choose to be happy and hope to inspire others to live a healthy and purposeful life along my R1 journey.

Connecting with others and sharing our experience is foundational to general wellness, recovery, and personal development. We at R1 are driven to spark meaningful conversations through self-discovery that increase connection, expression, choice, action, and change for individuals and their families. The R1 Learning System was developed to encourage these things and help individuals build the skills for change. We hope you find it does just that – increases engagement, builds vocabulary, helps individuals express themselves more effectively, and spark meaningful conversations for you and the people you work with.

We are committed to developing and disseminating quality training and technology driven multi-language tools for the mental health, substance use disorder, and personal growth communities. We want to hear from you. We will need your input and feedback – both your successes and challenges – so we can continue to improve the tools.

We look forward to meeting you, working with your team, and serving your community. We look forward to making a difference – with you!

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