Freedom from Sex Addiction with Scott Cone on Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

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Freedom from Sex Addiction with Scott Cone on Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

Scott Cone : Christian Sex Addiction Recovery Coach

Scott is the founder of Sexcessful Men, a recovery coaching practice that helps Christian men who struggle with pornography, childhood sexual abuse, unwanted same-sex attraction and other compulsive sexual behaviors.

He’s experienced the joy that true heart-change can bring to his life and relationships. And, he knows he didn’t do it on his own. He had the help of Jesus and a band of brothers to fight by his side.

His recovery experience helped him find freedom from years of struggling in shame and silence and he wanted to make that available to as many Christian men as possible so they could not only experience freedom for themselves but turn around and help other men.

This is the Sexcessful Men mission…to free the captives and to train faithful men to train other faithful men. Satan is stronger than us as individual man but he’s not stronger than two men with Jesus in the middle. This is the WHY at the heartbeat of Sexcessful Men.

Make sure to Stay Connected with Rob during the week via any of the below social media platforms:

Twitter: @RobLohman
Instagram: @roblohmanliftedfromtherut 

YouTube: Rob Lohman Broadcasts
Phone:  970-331-4469

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