The Journey Home – Award Winning Filmmaker Tim Mahoney on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

The Journey Home – Award Winning Filmmaker Tim Mahoney on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

Timothy Mahoney is the award winning director of six feature films: Patterns of Evidence: Mt Sinai I & II, Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle I & II, Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy, and Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. Tim is the founder of Thinking Man Films and Media, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based international documentary & publishing company. 

Tim has spent almost 20 years exploring some of the biggest questions of the Bible and what they mean for our world today. His insatiable curiosity led him on a journey across the world interviewing some of the world’s leading Bible scholars, archaeologists, and historians to seek answers. What he’s uncovered is an amazing pattern of evidence that matches the events recorded in the Bible.

Tim was raised hearing that the stories in the Bible were true, but as he got older he was challenged to lose those beliefs. These questions led him on a trip to Egypt and the very location of the Exodus story. It was there that he experienced his own crisis of faith when told there was no evidence for this account. Undeterred, he had to know – were these foundational stories in the Bible true or not? This led him on a 12-year investigation resulting in the feature documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. This award-winning film and its companion book, Patterns of Evidence: A Filmmaker’s Journey challenged the traditional views of biblical criticism, demonstrating archaeological evidence that matched the Bible’s narrative. The balanced approach allowed audiences to decide for themselves if the Exodus was truth or myth.

A native Minnesotan, Tim’s hobbies include folk music and outdoor activities. Tim and Jill have been married for 40 years. They have four (4) married children and eight (8) grandchildren.

Sober since 2001, after a suicide attempt, Rob has helped thousands of people find FREEDOM from substance abuse and feeling “stuck in a rut” to living a transformed life at He does this through sharing his testimony, Interventions, Coaching, Speaking, and being the host of both Beyond The Bars Radio and Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcasts.

Rob invests in the lives of those wanting to see positive change, whether it is coming out of addiction, prison or just wanting more for their lives. He is a dynamic speaker who shares an extremely powerful journey of persistence, faith, and inspiration. Rob is also the Author of The Addiction Intervention Book (#1 in 14 categories for Bestseller and New Release on Amazon).

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