The Fallible Man with Brent Dowlen on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

The Fallible Man with Brent Dowlen on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

Brent DowlenMen’s Personal Development & Lifestyle CoachHost and Founder of The Fallible Man Podcast
The Fallible Man LLC

My name is Brent and I am the Host of The Fallible Man Podcast, a YouTuber, Speaker and an Event Coordinator. I have taught and led my whole life.
Over the years I have seen a growing need for positive male role models as the idea of masculinity and the value of men has been skewed.
I started The Fallible Man because my wife and I have seen the need to affect men in a positive way. To encourage them and support them in their own personal journey’s to become the men they can be. I started it for my daughter’s and my nieces to help men to grow to be someone worthy of them and other little girls one day. Men are just not being taught how to be their best sleeves as men anymore.
I have spoken to small groups and large audiences over the years as well as writing blogs, bulletins, copy and educational documentation.
I have been married for 21 years and have 2 young daughters who are at the root of all I do.
I am an “indie” podcaster, youtuber and creator. I do all my own work from start to finish on all my platforms. I create and sell my own merchandise as well as doing some design and editing on the side for other companies and people.
I want to encourage, inspire, empower, support and motivate men to take charge of their life by choosing to improve themselves for themselves. I don’t think there is something wrong with them, we can all be better, I think men are just not supported to do so.

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