Kingdom Citizen on Fire with George Boadu on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

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Kingdom Citizen on Fire with George Boadu on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast with Rob Lohman

December 4th and 5th……

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Kingdom Citizen On Fire is a call to all children of God to be awakened and rise up to the demand of the world at this dispensation. God needs us to represent him on earth and the best time to do that is NOW. He has given us all that we need and required to achieve what is needed from us and the only way to live up to that expectation is discovering who we really and truly are. Y. O. U (Your Original You), You represents that powerful but hidden force God has placed in us. He is a Creator and so we are made with creative abilities.

He has Empowered YOU to take Dominion over everything and so Kingdom Citizen on Fire is about discovering Who you are and what you possess to overcome and achieve anything. This can be your giftings, talents, unique qualities etc.

God is not dwelling on earth but supposed to dwell in us so we have to do what God will do and that comes with discovering our true self so we can be on Fire for God and for the Kingdom. Kingdom Citizen on Fire, Empowering Us for Success. So, experts who have travelled that journey and have overcome various obstacles are coming to help us discover ourselves so we can achieve our purposes in Life as children of God, so we can impact and influence the world for God.

thank you so much.


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