Heather Gaffney discusses Helping the Family Heal from Addiction on the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast hosted by Rob Lohman

Heather Gaffney discusses Helping the Family Heal from Addiction.

“My best thinking got me here, so my best thinking won’t get me out of this.”

“All of my addictions were an effort to “not feel” how I felt….”

“Today my life revolves around Jesus Christ”

“Boundaries help move people towards recovery.”

Heather Gaffney is a certified Family Peer Recovery Coach as well as a Certified Recovery
Coach. She works with families that have been impacted by addiction as well as individuals who
are seeking recovery for substance use disorder.

Heather received her training through The Partnership to End Addiction as well as The Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. She has also lived with the family dynamics of alcoholism and addiction to one degree or another all her life.

She has been clean and sober for over 31 years, her mother has been sober for over 32 years and
her husband has been sober for over 27 years. She and her husband now also have a young
adult son with over a year clean and sober. She has experienced first hand what drugs and
alcohol can do to the person who is using substances as well as to the family living with the devastation they bring.

​Heather spent years working on herself to heal from the habits, patterns and personality issues
that addiction caused in her own life and she went through training in order to help families and
individuals that are struggling with the impact of substance abuse.

Alcoholism and Addiction from any perspective is overwhelming and it can be a nightmare for the
family and the individuals suffering to know what steps to take. Heather’s hope is to help people find the care, support and encouragement they need as they learn new ways of coping.

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