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Beyond The Bars Radio, hosted by Rob Lohman, is part of the global Mental Health News Radio. I pray you find hope and encouragement in the interviews. Beyond the Bars Radio is a podcast where we want to bring professionals and the community together to talk about real issues and solutions regarding addiction, recovery, incarceration and transformation! You will hear from experts in the field, legislators, individuals and families struggling with addiction on the journey to recovery, personal testimonies from people around the world who have been lifted from their ruts of addiction and now live a life of well-balanced recovery.

Rob Lohman is an Interventionist, Recovery Coach, Executive Coach, Published Author, Documentarian, Recovery Advocate, Family Man, and outdoor enthusiast. Learn more about Rob at

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Episode 1:

From Addicted Client to Director of Operations at AspenRidge Recovery with Director of Operations Patrick Kelly

When Asked “Why do you care to help others?” Patrick replied:

I’ve been a taker my whole life in addiction, as most of us were. Deep down I feel an obligation to give back what was given to me from the 12 steps, but also being a former client at AR, I can identify with clients who are struggling and need to find hope. I can give a perspective of balance between 12 steps and therapy. I must be an example of the possibilities in recovery. I think this is the purpose I have sought my whole life.

Episode 2:

Brainspotting: Treatment for Trauma and Addiction with Executive Clinical Director Dianna Sandoval.

When Asked “Why do you care to help others?” Dianna responded with:

“The addiction and behavioral health and industry chose me and not the other way around. My family has a long history of addiction, and the topic was never discussed openly. It wasn’t until I was in treatment myself that I finally realized that this topic isn’t one that should be swept under the rug. Addiction is a subject that needs to be acknowledged, discussed, and treated because silence and shame are fatal. I have made it my life’s work to build and shape organizations to serve our clients better.”

Episode 3:

Telehealth: Online Addiction Treatment with REACH Program Director Miller

When Asked “Why do you care to help others?” Darrin responded with:

“I choose to help others because I want to inspire intergenerational change. The process of recovery shapes healthier sons and daughters, parents, spouses, siblings, friends, and community members. A person’s recovery touches so many lives.”

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